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Report of Job Circuit Project in Czech republic

Labour Office Náchod

Our goals and expectations from the project:

To have a new activity for our unemployed drop outs in the region of Broumov, who were chosen from our registry

Show them the possibilities of various jobs and their working conditions

To guide them to the suitable careers for them – to education or job, to have better knowledge of them for improvement of our „tailor made service“ for them

We cooperate with:

The Business Club

The Staff agency and The Counselling agency (same owner)

Employers from the region

Social office – Municipality of Broumov

Participants in the project:

Age: 5 of them older than 18

Gender: 6 girls, 7 boys

Education: no qualification from school

Experience from school: 5 of them haven't entered a school to get a qualification

Experience from employers: most of them none, a few of them from public utility work

Next plans: mostly to work, some of them considering education, mostly no clear ideas

Some of them drop out of the project during it

Counseling during the project:

Started 1th November

Provided by the consouselling agency (same owner as the staff agency) and very intesively by labour office staff

At the beginning, the content: the value of qualification, how to behave at jobs, solving of the problems, antistress methods and motivation

During the rotation to reflect the experience, to provide the support when needed and to have the supervision

Two days of counselling after each operation

After that to reflect the experience of the placements and to find and support next steps

Supporting of them

The employers:

11 employers who can provide different jobs

Fields of jobs: caring, bakery, cooking, services in restaurant, sewing, machinery industry, paper production, textile industry, storing, gardening, selling

12 various possibilities

Some of them drop out during the project

Most of them members of the Business Club


Participants had real contracts with staff agency, placed to real operations

Neccesary learning about standard rules of having a job and repeating and repeating and repeating….

Job matches: Due to the wishes of the drop outs, their abilities and other preconditions (attitudes, previous experience with them) and possibilities in the region and with regard to labour market offer

Due to our plan three of them for everybody

After two months rotations

Started 1th November, finished 7th May

Results in figures:

Employment during the project - 2 boys, in the first operation where

were placed

Employment after the project - 3

Education - 1 – for a job he experienced in the


Still in our registry - 2

Drop out during the project - 4

Moved out to other region - 1

Our role for future:

Meetings with participants

Finding a job for two of them

Trying to help them when it will be necessary

Final notes:

Our costs:

-counselling costs: 126 303,-Kč (4 678 €)

-placement costs: 473 545,-Kč (17 539 €)

Our experience of the project:

necessary constant supervision,

support from employers,

problems with integration on both sides,

unrealistic assessment of situation – unconsciousness of their own role, work with parents and friends – with social background,

cooperation with social department,

important were paid wages,

ups and downs very often,

homogenous age group is important, students of different age have different attitudes which can’t be changed

Náchod, 30th of June 2008

Hana Vránová

Zuzana Dýmová